Insulators SGD La Granja


The glass insulators are designed for the mechanical support of the high voltage lines as well as the electrical insulation.

The main uses are the high-voltage power lines for the energy transport and distribution as well as for sub-stations and overhead lines for and high-speed railways.

SGD LA GRANJA has a great experience in glass insulators production which began in 1932 with the manufacturing of rigid / pin type insulators. As well, the production of the suspension insulators began in 1958.

The great experience gathered throughout more than 75 years of specialization and a determined investments policy in the productivity fields and the technologic development, allowed SGD LA GRANJA to offer some products with a quality that has not been outperformed by any other manufacturer.

The SGD LA GRANJA activity in the insulators field rolls out both in the national and worldwide market, that why the company  counts on the human team specialized at a technical and commercial level.